of an online shop User located on the Internet

operator Bio Agens Research and Development – BARD, s.r.o.

based at Rýznerova150/15, 252 62 Únětice

identification number: 27311392

(dále jen „Supplier“)




1.        The protection of the personal data of a user is provided in particular by European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95 / 46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as the General Regulation on the protection of personal data).


2.        The User agrees to process these personal data: name and surname, title in front of the name, title behind the name, address, delivery address, billing address, identification number, tax identification number, e-mail address, telephone number and purchase information (collectively referred to as "personal data").



3.        The User agrees to the processing of personal data by the Supplier, who is his or her controller within the meaning of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, for the purpose of realizing the rights and obligations of the Purchase Contract, for the purpose of maintaining the User Account and for the purpose of sending information and commercial messages to the User .



4.        The User acknowledges that he / she is required to report his / her personal data (when registering, in his user account, when ordering from the web interface of the store) correctly and truthfully, and is obliged to inform the supplier of any change in his or her personal data without undue delay.



5.        In addition to persons transporting goods, personal data will not be transferred or made available to third parties by the supplier without the prior consent of the user. The supplier may assign a third party the processing of the user's personal data.



6.        The User agrees to the processing of personal data for an indefinite period of time. Personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated manner or in a printed form in a non-automated manner.



7.        The User confirms that the personal data provided are accurate and that such personal data is provided voluntarily, seriously and freely.


8.        In the event that the User considers that the supplier or a processor authorized by him / her carries out the processing of his / her personal data in contravention of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, he / she may require the supplier or processor to remove the resulting condition. In particular, it may be a repair, addition or disposal of personal data. If a user request under the preceding sentence is found to be justified, the supplier or processor shall immediately remove the defective condition. If the supplier or processor does not comply with the request, the user has the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly. This provision is without prejudice to the user's right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with his complaint.



9.        If the User asks for information on the processing of his or her personal data in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, the Supplier is required to provide this information. The Supplier has the right to request the provision of information under the preceding sentence to require reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs necessary to provide the information.


10.      The User agrees to send information related to the supplier's goods, services or business to the electronic address of the User and also agrees to send the commercial communications by the supplier to the electronic address of the User.



11.      The User is entitled to revoke this consent at any time. In this case, the User will send a  e-mail instruction to delete from the User registry. The Supplier deletes the records from the User account and informs the User's electronic address about the deletion of his / her personal data within 14 days of sending the request


12.      The User agrees to save so-called cookies on his computer. Cookies refer to the HTTP protocol as a small amount of data used by the provider and the advertisers displayed on the website to distinguish the User's computer. It makes it easy to communicate with a website and uses some features of a website such as preferences. If the purchase on a website can be made and the supplier's obligations under the purchase agreement can be met without storing the so-called cookies on the user's computer, the user can withdraw the deposit at any time.


 13.     The User declares that he has been properly and comprehensibly instructed about all the above facts and rights, prior to sending the order, well in advance of the conclusion of the contract.